GAYATREI : Geeta Ashram Youth Association to Rejoice & Expe

GAYATREI is a 'Volunteer group of Parents and Children to Connect with Indian Culture and Heritage at Geeta Ashram' with a vision to enable children to appreciate their cultural roots and learn Hindu values in enjoyable manner. Over 60 students attend GAYATREI and get individual attention. Wonderful, caring parents help out.

  • Excellent program (90 min) introduces Yoga, Hindi and Religion to children and is designed for children between ages 4 to 12. 10 year and older children have been working on community services. 
  • We meet 2 times a month for GAYATREI in a fun living environment that encourages kids to learn more about India and arouses their thirst and inquisitiveness to understand Indian culture and heritage
  • Key Contacts: Priya Gupta 702-703-4788 , Sonia Puri 763-355-4811, Sapna Puri 763-315-0244, Santosh Sharma Shefali Gupta 763-559-1969